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1949 D1 BSA Bantam
Restoration Diary
August 2000

August 2000

Months have passed since my last update but I have not been idle. A trip to the Isle of Man TT and a visit to the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham (thanks Dave) occupied a few weeks but .....

The engine is ready to go in the frame, the wheels have been rebuilt and the last lot of parts are now ready to go to the painter. Tyres will arrive this week. C&D Autos in Birmingham have managed to find many of those "impossible" parts and have been great.

A REAL rigid frame silencer has been difficult to find (the plunger items are different) but I have located a silencer restorer who assures me he can bring this old rigid silencer to "as new" condition.

Not so lucky with the gearchange shaft. I can't find a correct '49 shaft with the fittings for the gear indicator. The brass bolt pictured plugs a hole where the correct shaft should protrude.

The gearchange assembly from the other side.

Just to prove I did actually go to Birmingham :)