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Bantam Restorations
on The Web

Six months ago there were two Bantam restoration sites on the web. Follow the links below for some great photos, tips and inevitably, some frustrations!

    Dave's 1949 D1 Site
      A fabulous rigid D1 restoration site. Don't miss this one.

    Jim Downey's Restoration Page
      Start to Finish D7 Restoration
      Good site, also features various other restoration projects.

    Bantam 960FYM Home Page
      The Restoration of an ex-GPO Bantam
      The original Bantam restoration site. Great site, interesting
      ongoing project. Many good links.

    My Site
      Start to Finish 1949 D1 Restoration
      It's on the way .... but slowly!

    Horgi's Hut - 1969 Bantam 
      Restoration of a 1969 bike
      A good UK site showing an interesting restoration.

    The Badest Scooter Alive!
      Bantam Restoration
      Chuck's Bantam Restoration site from Texas. Great site and
      a good sense of humour!

    Kevin's D5 Restoration Page
      A D5 Restoration Project
      Restoration of the rare D5 model - Good UK site.
      with interesting Bantam links and reports. 

    James' 1952 Bantam Restoration
      A D1 restoration site with some good photos