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1949 D1 BSA Bantam
Restoration Diary
April 2000

April 2000

Despite popular opinion, things are happenning!

Engine still awaiting the big end re-build but on other things great progress has been made.

The second load of painted parts has arrived. For some reason the colour in this digital pic doesn't resemble the actual parts ... but I have got the colour match right, really!
Tank panels are waiting on confirmation of colour and colour of the pinstripes.

Seen this headlamp shell before? I had almost given up locating a genuine headlamp when this shell was donated by Chuck of the "Baddest Scooter Alive" page. Thanks a million Chuck!

The chrome bits are back too! And they look like new. Better than I ever expected.

Not only the chrome, but the seat is back too. New springs, new cover. I just can't wait to sit on the thing.

New bearings for the front and rear wheel. Anyone guess why the 1949 bantam has metric sized wheel bearings? Has me wondering.

And finally. Yes, you can lace your own wheels. One tip, don't rely on photos. Draw the lacing pattern. Just when you REALLY need to see the spoke pattern, the photos let you down.

One of the best finds - Len Baker's fastener kits for Bantams. See Spares Page for contact details.