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1949 D1 BSA Bantam
Restoration Diary
December 1999

The rear wheel is apart. Not a bad job. Bearings feel like they have sand in them. Into the "replace" bin. Found my rear wheel was a 21". Not standard so I'll use a spare 19" rim.

Note: Frame back from the blaster. What a job! Sure beats sandpaper and blisters. Blasting revealed a broken engine mount, two cracks in the frame and a missing centre stand lug. Gave the frame a quick spray with metal primer (don't want it rusting) and dropped it into my local engineering store for repairs.

Late news: Found a '49 rear guard at a classic bike parts supplier. Not bad condition.

Engine looking grim. Cylinder is off and bottom end feels "clunky". Major repairs in order. Flywheel puller on order to get rest of motor apart.