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1949 D1 BSA Bantam
Restoration Diary
August - November '99

August 1999
I have not been entirely idle. The motor is out and in the hands of my friendly mechanic - although it is still waiting .... patiently for a start to the job. By chance I found another 1949 motor at a "swap-meet" (autojumble). The motor has compression and might be a good source of parts - or even the motor I use depending on what we find when we split the cases. Still hunting for the correct "cutaway" rear guard. They seem to be very rare.

November 1999
The frame is stripped and off to the bead blaster. I'm following a lead on the elusive rear guard and trying to get some details on home bake-enamelling. Also I've just noticed that bantam petrol tanks seem to occur with the filler caps on the right and left sides - I wonder which is correct for '49?

November 1999 continued...
The forks are apart. One snapped stud (darn!) and lots of work for the sand blaster. Much as I try, the fork bushes don't want to come out. One manual says they do another says they don't. Hmmmm. Headstem bearings are, well, what bearings? A visit to a bearing shop - maybe even tapered rollers .. what luxury!

The seat needs stripping and some new springs and chrome.