Stage Two: The shiny bits arrive!

The second stage, and in some way the most exciting, is when the postman brings the shiny bits and collection of the newly repaired/repainted/refurbished/replated parts begins. Assembly beckons and there is no hint yet of the hours of work ahead or the mistakes which will invariably be made. Be so careful with that new paintwork!


The water blaster performed the first miracle. Corroded, oxidized alloy parts arrived back looking like they were brand new. I couldn't have been more pleased. Money well spent. Engine cases were also treated to the same care but are not pictured here. More on them later.



The bling came back looking ..... wonderful!



The postman delivered the first big parcel - new flanged alloy rims and stainless spokes from Central Wheel Components in the UK. It was less costly to buy new rims than attempting to rechrome the old San Remos.