Stage One: The dry build

The first stage of any restoration is the dry build. This is especially relevant when starting with a collection of parts rather than a complete motorcycle.


Placing the frame on a bike stand we loosely fitted the forks and wheels. The frame was rusty but servicable and those Grimeca hubs would be fine after some water blasting. The rims and spokes would need replacement.



Stainless guards, seat, tank and sidecovers were fitted along with parts of the instrument nacelle. There was quite obviously the makings of a complete bike here - we would just need an engine!



With the cases washed (but not blasted) we collected the necessary parts. Cases, crank, gearbox, selector shafts, barrels & heads and clutch. Everything appeared to be there. The crank would need to be rebuilt with new bearings and seals and the barrels rebored and new pistons sourced.



With the bike stripped again everything was ready to ship out to be repaired or refurbished. New alloy rims and stainless spokes were ordered; tank, sidecovers and tailpiece off to the painter; alloy to be water blasted; chrome to the platers; black bits for powder coating and finally, stainless guards to the polisher. The next task was waiting and ordering the missing components from ebay.